Relation between INDIA and PHILIPPINES is going to strong after 2014. Both of the countries are work together in most of the field. 

Indian and Philippines diplomats stand together for doing business  explorer between both.

In this explorer , numbers of students and tourists are going to Philippines. 

MBBS IN PHILIPPINES is more effective for indian students.In Philippines , there is no any barrier for indian students . Philippines is english speaking country. So, it is a best iption for indian students for MBBS IN PHILIPPINES


Course details & duration

PHILIPPINES is a famous destination for MBBS students.MBBS in PHILIPPINES is best option for Indian students. There is no any language problem and environment is also like india.

There are 2 types of programs called BSMD for +2 students and MD for graduates . 

BSMD is 6 year course and MD is 4 year course.

Course difficulty

MBBS in PHILIPPINES is not a easy task for Indian students. We are advice students to make sure that they have to more aggressive related to their course and future.

This aggression helps them to pass and get knowledge  not only for Philippines but also for MCI/NEXT exam in India.

This makes a best Educational environment for students . So, Students clear their MCI/NEXT exam easily .


University/college facilities

Facilities for Indian students in Philippines make sure a perfect destination for MBBS.

College campus

College campus have a great educational environment for Indian students.

There are no any disturbance in education as well as enjoyment of students. 

Teaching Faculty

Professors of a medical college are highly educated as well as more experienced. 

Head of the faculties are working as a  professor and a in lab researcher. 


This segment of a medical college contains artificial human body parts and disease effect on bodies.

This section is an initial stage of study of a medical students .


Medical college has a best library which has contains a record of disease effected body research as well as thesis of medical researchers.

No’s of books and research details are available for medical students to study and knowledge for handle the effect of disease.  


This is an important section for a medical college. Final study of medical students shows a perfection to handle any situation in hospital.

Practical knowledge of a medical student is compulsory for a medical student. This experience build an inner power and confidence of a doctor or medical student.

Students association

Indian students association made by indian embassy for safety and resolve their problems of indian students. Students can join this easily. This association working in every college where indian students are going for MBBS course.

Explore Yourself

Foreign / abroad medical college is a medium for indian students to interact with international patient and internationally used equipment .

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